Heal Chronic Headaches

Are you ready to shift from the exhausting search for a cure towards a nourishing journey of self discovery?

Aja's Top 3 Favorite Practices to Heal Headaches


An Inner Journey to the Root...

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the possible causes of headaches?

I feel you...I've so been there.

I suffered for 22 years with daily migraines, and was able to heal them completely after 2 weeks of this Breathwork technique. 

I am here to support you and offer tools for you to also find healing and transformation from within.

Your pain can be a catalyst for RADICAL TRANSFORMATION!  Learn to discover what gifts are hidden beneath the message of the headaches.  

Aja's Top 3 Favorite Practices to Heal Headaches

These 3 SIMPLE practices each take less than 5 minutes and will help to re-pattern the subconscious mind, correct poor posture, and balance the nervous system.

6 Week Online Course for Women with Chronic Headaches

Become your own healer!

You will leave this self-paced series with the experience to practice the Breathwork technique on your own along with tools to uncover the root cause.
This nourishing journey will also include:
  • 6 Weekly Fully Guided Online Breathwork Journeys (circular-connected breathing)
  • Simple stretches and breath techniques for headache prevention and relief
  • Subconscious Re-patterning
  • Techniques to Uncover Core Limiting Beliefs
  • Intuition Training Webinar w/ Danae Shanti
  • Women’s Health/Feminine Empowerment Practices 
  • Simple Movement/Breath Techniques to Release Inhibited Breath Patterns
  • Private Sisterhood Group for Inspiration and Support




deeply stored trauma and stress patterns.


your nervous system and re-pattern the subconscious mind.


your frequency to receive clarity and intuition.

"Breathwork has changed my life! I have gotten so much clarity in all situations and it has taught me I can choose what my perception of everything is. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is the most powerful form of self discovery and teaches you that you are in control of your destiny."

Alyssa Scalera
Yoga Instructor

"Breathwork has completely changed my experience in this life. It is incredibly empowering, deeply relaxing and so good for your mental, physical & emotional health. Aja is such a beautiful, light, supportive being on this earth. She is fulfilling her purpose by facilitating and holding space to empower her communities to heal themselves. The space she creates is safe and sacred, and the lessons she channels in your moments of vulnerability will plant seeds of growth and wisdom for years to come. "

Rachel Slagh
Founder of Breath, Body, Bird (www.breathbodybird.com)

"When I signed up for the Inner Light Revival 6 week in-person series I really had no idea what to expect. The most incredible part was the noticeable progress that I made. I struggled quite a bit with a few relationships in my life and found answers to problems that I could not have found without breathing with Aja. From an extreme sense of calm when I am dealing with stressful situations to learning how to go back to sleep when I am stressed at night, I will use the tools I learned in the breathwork series for the rest of my life. I cannot wait to continue working with Aja so that I can develop my own practice. I was also extremely impressed by her ability to bring specialists from around the community to teach us their expert tricks. Thank you so much for this gift of breath! "

Sarah Albert
Founder of Improbable Reality (improbablereality.org)

"The Conscious Breathwork I have done with Aja Rose has been life-changing. After more than half a century of anxiety and a warped relationship with time, the simple act of breathing correctly is helping me live a more peaceful and present life. And it's always available to me, always free. Aja's caring and compassionate way of teaching is gentle and effective; I am most grateful."

Susan Mead
Certified Yoga and Essentrics Instructor, Herbalist and Author of Take Back Your Body. (SusanEMead.com)

What is Conscious Breathwork?

This specific technique called circular/connected breathing is a tool we all have within us to heal on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Through the process of breathing in a large amount of oxygen and life-force energy (Prana/Chi), blockages, traumas, limiting thoughts/beliefs, and stress patterns on all levels can naturally release, healing issues at the root cause. It activates the pineal gland to help you journey into expanded states of consciousness to connect with your higher self, resulting in profound experiences of clarity.

Even with no prior breathwork or meditation experience, you are likely to drop into a deep trance state where the subconscious mind is accessed through the theta brain state. The latest research is showing that 95% of our reality is a reflection of our conditioned subconscious mind, which can only be accessed and re-patterned with specific modalities such as breathwork, hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, etc.  
Many of the top healers and researchers also believe that at least 90% of all pain and suffering has an emotional root cause in the form of a limiting belief or thought (distorted pattern of energy). This breathwork technique creates a strong energetic current that allows this energy to be in motion again, healing conditions at the root cause instantaneously. 

About Aja Rose

From the ages of 6-19 Aja was put on 46 different drugs, all with their own costly side effects.  She was told by countless doctors that the headaches were hereditary and she would just have to 'live with it'.  When she hit rock bottom at age 20 and was bedridden for months, she made a choice to take the healing into her own hands and embarked on almost a decade of experimenting with holistic modalities. 
After discovering Conscious Breathwork (circular-connected breathing) in India in 2015 she found a month long facilitator training in Thailand. Within just 2 weeks of the training, the headaches disappeared. She had a direct experience of everything she had been reading, that most of our suffering has an emotional root cause and how our mind starts to identify with pain. She believes it is her mission in this life to inspire a remembrance of our unlimited power and ability to heal ourselves.
She has trained with some of the leading breathwork experts in the world including Sondra Ray, Dana Dharma Devi Delong, Ashanna Solaris, Chandra Polyak, Danae Shanti, and Norman Allard.  She loves to travel, dance, snowboard, raft, get lost in nature, and experiment with breath technology. 

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